5 most creative digital ad campaigns of 2020

Google Year in Search 2020

2020 was truly an unforgettable year, unique to our lifetime, filled with questions only one source could answer, Google. The Year In Search 2020 showed us that we were not alone in our struggles, our qu         Testions were the same, our fears were the same and our journey to climb up to overcome these challenges were also the same.

The Year in Search video covers almost all grounds, while primarily focusing on the West, it’s still relatable to things happening across the world. From questions we ask about the injustice of the system and our need to act, they covered it all.

The reason this ad works is because of just how data-driven it is, and, through this data, Google tells us a story, a story that is incredibly relatable because it’s about us. Google doesn’t want to sell itself with this ad, they only want the world to know what they’ve learnt from it.

Nike- You Can't Stop Us

Nike has been leader in ad campaign for years. Almost everyone has seen at least one Nike commercial and thought back on how incredible it was. It leaves a lasting impression.

It comes as no surprise that their most recent ad, you can’t stop us is brilliant! From the sheer brilliance of the editing techniques used to give us a split-screen view of different athletes, playing a different sport but all stitched together by the brilliance of editing, it’s truly unique. Addressing everything from the effects of COVID-19 on the sporting industry to conversations about the need to end racism and be inclusive of all. Nike has pushed the boundary this year with its storytelling.


The ads for Match, a dating application took the internet by storm because of Ryan Reynold’s sheer brilliance with comedy. It’s funny and bringing Satan into the mix to date a lady called 2020, seemed like a match made in hell…

The ad, Match Made in Hell matches 2020 and Satan, who then goes on a date with ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift, enjoying the outside world, eating food in the middle of stadiums, using gyms and watching movies in theatres while everyone is stuck indoors.

When Satan met 2020 focuses more on how the lovely couple Satan and 2020 met, poking fun at how Satan found 2020 by adding filters that exclude joy, happiness, toilet paper and reason. It’s full of cringe-worthy moments that remind you of The Office, which is why it stands as one of the best ad pieces of 2020.


Whenever there’s a new generation of consoles about to launch, it becomes a battle of the titans, Xbox and PlayStation, Microsoft and Sony. As grim as 2020 was, it saw the reveal and release of the next-generation of gaming, the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 had a whole live event going on to reveal their product to the world. With the sleek gameplay footage and a series of features talking about how the new generation of PlayStation will elevate everything you thought you knew about gaming and immersion. The reveal of the console took the world by storm and has made buying one of these bad boys a luxury.

Socially Distances Logos

Watching brands worldwide come together to tell us all that we need to work together to beat this virus was incredibly inspiring. Socially distanced logos were used by brands to tell us that we need to be responsible.

These undertakings were in no way to be monetized on by these companies, they wanted things to improve, because, like us, they were victims as well. If anything, this raised their goodwill around the world because they were trying to tell us what a lot of people weren’t listening to. Our inability to abide by these social distancing rules would cause the deaths of many, it would cause millions of families around the world to suffer.

Uniting to fight a cause together is something that warms everyone’s hearts. As in these moments of vulnerability, we know we are not alone and that’s what every company out there wanted to show us with these socially distanced logos.

So, there you have it, this was our list of the 5 of the Most Creative Digital Ads of 2020. If you liked this article or feel like we have left out ads, leave us a comment about it. Also, don’t forget to share this with your friends and talk about all the crazy ads that 2020 gave us. Stay safe and have a great year ahead!

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